A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

Bill Guy’s Letter;
Microwave News Responds

March 29, 2005

Bill Guy says that he didn’t do it, that he didn’t call NIH, that he didn’t try to shut down Henry Lai’s work on microwave-induced DNA breaks. (See “Wake-Up Call.)

In a letter to Microwave News, Guy wrote: “I most vehemently and unequivocally deny that I, or anybody that I am aware of, made any calls to NIH...”

We are not so sure that Guy’s memory is serving him well. Our detailed response recounts the sordid story of CTIA’s health research program, known as Wireless Technology Research (WTR), which Guy helped run. The call was part of the cell phone industry’s concerted effort to discredit Lai and his colleague, N.P. Singh.

The smear campaign continues today. Two weeks ago, two members of the board of directors of the Bioelectromagnetics Society with long-time associations with the wireless industry and the U.S. Air Force, circulated a crude review of Lai’s DNA and behavioral research. The cover note proclaimed, “Lai’s science has failed CONCLUSIVELY” (their emphasis). Maybe not. These are people and organizations that keep telling us they are only interested in science. Clearly not.

Read the complete text of Guy’s three-page letter and our response. And make up your own mind.