A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

ICNIRP Goes to Malta

July 7, 2006

Being a member of ICNIRP or the WHO EMF project means having a ticket to ride. A couple of days ago, the traveling road show was in Malta. Mike Repacholi, Bernard Veyret and Paolo Vecchia showed up at a forum organized by the local communications authority, titled "The Reality Behind EMFs."

If you download their PowerPoint presentations, you'll learn that Veyret told the Maltese that there is "no evidence of a causal relationship" between power-frequency EMFs and childhood leukemia and that any RF effects on the blood-brain barrier are thermal. If you read further, you'll find out that both Veyret and Vecchia see no reason to be concerned about any health effects at exposure levels below the ICNIRP limits —with Vecchia insisting that, even if such risks were to exist, we would accept them as long as no one took away our EMF and RF technologies. When it came time for Repacholi to step up to the podium, he wanted everyone to know that there is no such thing as EMF hypersensitivity. One of his main missions, he said, was for everyone to adopt the ICNIRP exposure limits.

Just another day on the lecture circuit.  

[The Malta links have been taken down.]