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May 17, 2010

The Paper — E. Cardis et al. (The Interphone Study Group), "Brain Tumour Risk in Relation to Mobile Telephone Use: Results of the Interphone International Case-Control Study," International Journal of Epidemiology, 2010 (open access)
Supplementary DataAppendix 1 and Appendix 2 (open access)
Commentary— R. Sarraci & J. Samet, "Call Me on My Mobile Phone … Or Better Not? — A Look at the Interphone Study Results," International Journal of Epidemiology, 2010 (open access)
Press Releases:
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) — "Interphone Study Reports on Mobile Phone Use and Brain Cancer Risk"  May 17
International Union Against Cancer (UICC) — "Interphone Study Reports on Mobile Phone Use and Brain Cancer Risk" undated
Audio of Press Conference, held at WHO Headquarters, Geneva,  May 17

News Stories

Aftonbladet (Sweden) — "Mobiles Harmless — for All Adults"  May 18
American Journal of Nursing — "Do Cell Phones Cause Cancer? —Caution Is Advised Until Better Research Is Available"  September
Associated Press — "Study on Cell Phone Link to Cancer Inconclusive"  May 17
The Australian"Brain Tumour Link to Mobiles"  May 17
Australian Broadcasting Corp."Study Probes Link Between Cancer and Phones"  May 17
BBC (U.K.) — "No Proof of Mobile Cancer Risk, Major Study Concludes"  May 17 (originally: "WHO Study on Mobile Phone Cancer Risk 'Inconclusive")
CNN"Study Fails To End Debate on Cancer, Cell Phone Link'"  May 18
CNN Larry King"Study Looks at Possible Cell Phone Cancer Link'" (transcript)  May 17
Dagens Nyheter (Sweden) — "Mobiles Do Not Increase Risk of Brain Tumor"  May 17
Daily Mail (U.K.) — "Long Conversations on Mobile Phones Can Increase Risk of Cancer, Suggests 10-Year Study"  May 16
     and "Talking on the Mobile Just 30mins a Day Linked with Heightened Risk of Brain Cancer"  May 18
Environmental Health Perspectives (NIEHS) — "First Combined Analysis from Interphone Inconclusive"  July 1
Expressen (Sweden) — "Mobile Phones Do Not Increase the Risk of Cancer"  May 17
Le Figaro (France) — "No Increased Risk of Cancer with Mobile Phones"  May 17
Financial Post (Canada) — "The Rubber Duckies: Rejecting the Good News" (comment)  June 18
Financial Times "Critics Hit at 'Flawed' Mobile Phone Cancer Study"  May 18
Globe and Mail (Canada) — "Heavy Use of Cell Phones May Increase Tumor Risk: Study"  May 17
     and "Cellphone Safety Study Sends Mixed Signals About Usage"  May 17
     and "Worried About Cell Phones? What You Can Do"  May 17
     and "Give Up My Landline? No Thanks"  May 19-20
     and "Cellphones and Cancer: Watch That Thing by Your Head" (editorial)  May 20-21
The Guardian (U.K.) "Mobile Phone Study Finds No Solid Link to Brain Tumours"  May 17
The Independent (U.K.) — "Mobile Phones Do Not Raise Risk of Brain Tumours, Say Scientists"  May 18
     and "Steve Connor: Time To Call It a Day for All the Unfounded Hang-Ups About the Dangers of Mobiles"  May 18
Jerusalem Post (Israel) — "Israeli Study Cautions Cellphone Users"  May 18
Journal of the National Cancer Institute"One Conclusion Emerges From Interphone Study: Controversy Will Continue"  July 7 (subscription required)
Los Angeles Times (AP) — "UN Study on Cell Phone Link to Cancer Inconclusive; More Time Needed To Tell for Sure"  May 17
Medscape"Cell Phone Link to Brain Tumors — Still No Clear Answers  May 18
Microwave News "Interphone Points to Long-Term Brain Tumor Risks; Interpretation Under Dispute"  May 17
     and "Interphone's Provocative Analysis of the Brain Tumor Risks"  May 17
Le Monde (France) — "The Link Between Mobile Phones and Cancer Is Not Proven"  May 18
Montreal Gazette (Canada) — "Cellphone Cancer Study Inconclusive"  May 17
     and "HealthWatch: Evidence Does Not Connect Cellphones to Brain Cancers"  June 1
MSNBC "No Answer, Just Fuzz, from Cell Phone Study: After Decade-Long Study on Brain Tumor Risk, Findings Are Still Inconclusive"  May 16
National Post (Canada) — "Cellphone Cancer Study Questionable: Scientist"  May 17
     and "How To Invent a Cellphone Cancer Scare" (opinion)  May 21
Neue Zürcher Zeitung (Switzerland) — "No End for Risk Research"  May 12
New Scientist "Don't Hang Up: Cellphones Don't Cause Tumours (Probably) "  May 17
Ottowa Citizen (Canada) — "Largest Study on Cellphone Use and Brain Cancers Inconclusive"  May 16
The Press (New Zealand) — "Children 'Should Not Use' Cellphones"  May 18
     and "Mobiles Don't Kill" (opinion: Hayden Walles)  July 27
Reuters "WHO Study Has No Clear Answer on Phones and Cancer"  May 16
     and "Analysis: Cell Phone Cancer Study Shows Problems with Method"  May 18
Science News "Interphone Study Finds Hints of Brain Cancer Risk in Heavy Cell-Phone Users"  May 17
The Scotsman (U.K.) — "Study Links Mobile Phone Use to Brain Tumours"  May 16
Süddeutschen Zeitung (Germany) — A package of four stories on Mobile Phones and Brain Tumors: "Mobile Phones Reduce Brain Tumours,"
      "A Clear and Persistent Picture," "In Search of Possible Errors" and "No Reason for Complacency"  May 17
Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden) — "Criticism Is Directed Against Cell Phone Study"  May 18-19
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) — "Study On Cell Phone Link to Cancer Inconclusive"  May 18
     and "Sometimes, It's the Simple Things in Life that Strike a Cord" (opinion)  May 22
     and "Your Phone Probably Isn't Killing You"  May 22
Telegraph (U.K.) — "Biggest Study Ever Reports on Mobiles and Brain Cancer"  May 15
     and "Mobile Phones: Is There an Epidemic on Hold?"  May 21
Time "Cell Phones and Cancer: A Study's Muddled Findings"  May 17
Times (U.K.) — "Heavy Mobile Users Risk Cancer"  May 16
USA Today "No Strong Evidence Points to Cellphones as Brain Tumor Risk"  July 14
Voice of America "Study Finds Small Increase in Brain Cancer with Excessive Mobile Phone Use"  May 18
Wall Street Journal "Static in Cellphone Study" ("Cellphone Study Sends Fuzzy Signal on Cancer Risk" in print edition; see also blog listing, below)  May 29-30
Die Welt (Germany) — "Mobile Phones Are Safe"  May 18
Yale Environment 360"Are Cell Phones Safe? It's Too Early to Tell"  August 2

Press Releases & Statements

Advisory Group on Non-Ionising Radiation (AGNIR, U.K.) — "Brain Tumour Risk in Relation to Mobile Telephone Use: Results of the Interphone International Case-Control Study"  May 25
American Cancer Society (ACS) — "Major Study Complicates Debate over Cell Phone Use and Cancer Risk"  May 18
Australian Centre for RF Bioeffects Research (ACRBR) — "ACRBR Position Statement on Interphone"  May 17
Australian Mobile Telephone Association (AMTA) — "Interphone Finds No Increased Risk of Brain Cancer from Mobiles"  undated
Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) — "Statement on Interphone Study"  May 17
BioInitiative Working Group "Experts Call for Changes in Cell Phone Design, Warnings, Ban on Use by Children"  May 17
CTIA—The Wireless Association "Statement on the Interphone Study"  May 17
Danish Cancer Society (ACS) — "Ten Years of Normal Use of a Mobile Phones Does Not Lead to Brain Cancer"  May 28
Diagnose-Funk (Switzerland) — "Interphone: 19 million for a Censored Result"  May 18
Electric Power Research Institute "EPRI Comments on Interphone" (Cost: $5,000) June 4
Environmental Working Group (EWG) — "International Study: High Cell Phone Use May Raise Tumor Risk"  May 17
Finnish Cancer Society "Interphone: Cell Phones Do Not Increase Cancer Risk"  May 18
Food and Drug Administration (FDA, U.S.) — "No Evidence Linking Cell Phone Use to Risk of Brain Tumors"  May 17
GSM Association "GSMA Welcomes Publication of Interphone Results"  May 17
Health Protection Agency (HPA, U.K.) — "Interphone"  May 18
Institute of Cancer Research (U.K.) — "Largest Study Reports on Brain Tumours and Mobile Phones"  May 17
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) — "Interphone Study Reports on Mobile Phone Use and Brain Cancer Risk"  May 17
International International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) — "Note from ICNIRP on the Interphone Publication"  May 18
International EMF Collaborative "Counter-View of the Interphone Study"  May 17
Johannes Gutenberg University (Germany) — "Use of Mobile Phones Does Not Perceptibly Increase the Risk of Development of Cerebral Tumors"  May 17
Karolinska Institute (Sweden) — "No Increased Risk of Brain Tumors After 10 Years of Mobile Phone Use"  May 17
Mobile Manufacturers Forum (MMF) — "Biggest Study Ever Reports on Mobiles and Brain Cancer"  May 16
     and "Inaccurate Claims Related to Interphone Study"  June
National Cancer Institute (NCI) — "Study Finds No Overall Increased Brain Tumor Risk from Cell Phones"  May 18
PRIARTEM (France) — "After Ten Years of Waiting, Partial Publication of the Interphone Study"  May 17
Robin des Toits (France) — "Interphone: Robin of the Roofs Questions the Scientists"  May 16
Swiss Research Foundation for Mobile Communication "Mobile Phones and the Risk of Brain Tumors: First Evaluation of the Interphone Study" May 17 (in French)
     and "Comment on the Final Report of the Interphone Study"  May 17 (in German)
STUK — Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (Finland) — "Results of Large International Cell-Phone Study Published"  May 18
World Health Organization (WHO, Geneva) — Electromagnetic Fields and Public Health: Mobile Phones updated Fact Sheet No.193,  May


Aerial No! – Getxo (Spain) — "The Long Awaited Interphone"  May 20
AntiCancer: A New Way of Life (David Servan-Schreiber, France) — "The Interphone Study Shows We Still Need To Be Careful with Cell Phones"  May
Ars Technica (John Timmer) — "Largest Cellphone-Cancer Study to Date Clarifies Little"  May 16
Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Dariusz Lesczynski, Finland) — "Let the Spin Begin: Design Flaws Make Interphone Non-Informative"  May 17
     and "Interphone Afterthoughts and Question About Compliance of Mobile Phones with Safety Standards"  June 9
Beyond Creativity (Mikko Ahonen, Finland) — "Interphone Results — Children's Risks Underestimated?  May 22
B4Brain (Shakir Husain, India) — "Brain Damage Among Young Professionals Is Imminent"  May 30
CHE (Cindy Sage, Collaborative on Health and Environment) — "The Day After Interphone"  May 18
Embargo Watch "Shocking: British Press Breaks Embargo on IARC Cell Phones-Brain Tumor Study"  May 16
     and "Update on Interphone Cell Phone-Brain Tumor Study: Embargo Lifted"  May 17
GoozNews on Health (Merrill Goozner) — "Cellphones: If the Results Are Inconclusive, Should the FDA Say There's 'No Risk'?"  May 18
Huffington Post (Devra Davis) — "Cell Phones and Brain Cancer — The Real Story"  May 22
Huffington Post (Glenn Braunstein) — "Cell Phones and Brain Tumors: A No-Brainer"  August 16
Tech Talk (Tekla Perry, IEEE Spectrum) — "Interphone Report on Cell Phone/Cancer Connection Doesn't Settle Anything"  May 18
Knight Science Journalism Tracker (Paul Raeburn) — "AP, Reuters, Others: Cell Phones Do — or Don't — Cause Cancer"  May 17
     and "NY Times Follows Up with Story on Cell Phone Cancer Risks"  May 18
Magda Havas (Canada) — "Lessons from the Interphone Study"  May 20
Low-Power Wireless (John Donovan) — "Is Cell Phone Radiation a Health Hazard?"  August 2
New York Times (Tara Parker Pope) — "Questions About Cellphones and Brain Tumors"  May 18
New Zealand Doctor "No Clear Link Between Cellphones and Brain Cancer"  May 18
Newsweek (Sharon Begley) — "Will This Phone Kill You?"  August 5
NIOSH Science Blog (Joe Bowman, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) — "Reflections on the Interphone Study of Cell Phones and Brain Cancer"  July 26
NPR (National Public Radio) — "Absence of Evidence for Cancer Risk Doesn't Quiet Cell Phone Skeptics"  May 18
Post Tech (Cecilia Kang, Washington Post) — "Cellphone Cancer Study Inconclusive; Researcher Urges More Study"  May 16
Powerwatch (U.K.) — "Interphone Results at Last!" May 14
     and "Further Analysis of Interphone Data"  May 18
SciBlogs (New Zealand) — "Interphone: How Not To Communicate Science"  May 18
Science Media Centre (New Zealand) — "Mobile Phones and Cancer Risk — Interphone Study"  May 18
Science News "Interphone's Data on Cell Phones and Cancer: The Spin Begins"  May 16
Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden) — "Criticism Is Directed Against Cell Phone Study"  May 18-19
Swedish Medical Bulletin (Maria Feychting & Anders Ahlbom) — "Probably No Increased Cancer Risk of Mobile Phones "  May 17
Wall Street Journal (Numbers Guy) — "Static in Search for Cellphone-Tumor Link"  May 28
What's New (Robert Park) — "Cell Phones: Long-Awaited Cancer Sudy Released This Week"  May 21
Your Own Health and Fitness "The Interphone Results"  May 17

Audios & Videos

Australian Broadcasting Corp. (V) — "Study Probes Link Between Cancer and Phones" and Transcript  May 17
CNN (V) — "Study Fails To End Debate on Cancer, Cell Phone Link'"  May 18
CTV (Canada) (V) — "Link Between Cellphones, Brain Cancer 'Inconclusive'"  May 17
electromagnetichealth.org (V) — "Interphone Study Design Flaws"  December 10, 2009
Fox News (V) — "Are Cell Phones the New Cigarette?'"  May 17
Fox New York (V) — "New Study on Cell Phones & Cancer'"  May 17
France2 (V) — "Interphone Study'"  May 18
Global News (Canada) (V) — "Cellphone Users Shouldn't Relax Yet: Cancer Study"  May 18
KPFA (Berkeley, CA) (A) — "A Call for Cell Phone Health Warnings" (interview with Joel Moskowitz; starts at 1:09:20; available through June 2)  May 19
Living on Earth (A) — " Cell Phone Use May Take Toll" (interview with Elisabeth Cardis)  May 21
NBC Nightly News (V) — "Cell Phone Cancer Study Inconclusive'"  May 18
New Zealand TV3 (V) "Heavy Cellphone Use Linked to Brain Cancer "  May 18
Norad (Israel) (V) — "The Truth About the Interphone Study "  May 18
On the Media (National Public Radio) (A) — "Cell Phone Cancer Study Provides Few Answers"  May 21
Science Media Centre (New Zealand) (A) — "Mobile Phones and Cancer Risk — Interphone Study" statements of David Black, Neil Pearce and Alistair Woodward  May 18
TVNZ (New Zealand) (V) "Study Links Mobile Phone Use to Brain Cancer" (interview with David Black)  May 18