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No Rise in Testicular Cancer Seen

Strenghtens brain tumor link?

December 20, 2006

A Swedish research team led by Lennart Hardell and Kjell Mild has found no association between the use of wireless phones and testicular cancer.

In a paper posted on the Internet today, and to be published next year in the International Journal of Andrology, they caution that they could not adequately evaluate possible long-term risks: Only 14 cases in their case-control study (888 men with testicular cancer and 870 controls) had used a phone for more than ten years. In addition, they note that none of the cases or controls had always used a hands-free set with the mobile phone near the testes during phone calls. In fact, only 11 cases and eight controls used a hands-free device some of the time.

Hardell and Mild argue that these findings strengthen their previously reported association between cell phones and brain tumors because this latest study was conducted in a similar fashion as their brain tumor studies.