A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

Swiss Can’t Repeat Dutch Cell Tower Study

June 6, 2006

A Swiss research team led by Peter Achermann of the University of Zurich has failed to replicate the Dutch TNO study (see yesterday's post). Achermann and his collaborators, Martin Röösli of the University of Bern and Niels Kuster of the IT'IS Foundation in Zurich, found no consistent effects on well-being or cognitive performance following a 45-minute exposure to 3G RF radiation, at either a 1 V/m or a 10 V/m.

The radiation signals were designed to mimic those from a mobile phone base station. The experiments were run double blind —that is, neither the subjects nor the investigators knew when the power was turned on. Their paper has been accepted for publication in Environmental Health Perspectives and is now available at no charge.

Also posted on the Internet are the research team's press release and study summary, as well as a fact sheet issued by the Swiss Research Foundation on Mobile Communication, which coordinated the project. Achermann stressed that the results only apply to short-term exposures and do not allow any conclusions regarding the possible effects of long-term exposures.