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Einar Flydal: Microwave News Article Archive (2004 - )

July 14, 2022

Close to 40 years after its first publication, The Microwave Debate, Nicholas Steneck’s history of research and regulation of microwave health effects, is back in print —this time in Norwegian.

The new translation comes with an epilogue by Thomas Butler, a professor at Ireland’s Cork University Business School, who has contributed seven chapters —about 30,000 words— to bring Steneck’s story up to the present.

The translation is the brainchild of Einar Flydal ...

July 7, 2022

“Self-Referencing Authorships Behind the ICNIRP 2020 Radiation Protection Guidelines,” Else Nordhagen and Einar Flydal, Reviews on Environmental Health, June 27, 2022. Two key findings: “ICNIRP 2020 authors are involved in all literature reviews referenced in ICNIRP 2020 to underpin it”; and “a small and tight network of just 17 authors behind all the literature used to underpin ICNIRP 2020.” From Norway; open access.


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