A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

Millimeter waves: Microwave News Article Archive (2004 - )

September 13, 2020

“Effects of RFR on Gene Expression: A Study of Gene Expressions of Human Keratinocytes from Different Origins,” Bioelectromagnetics, October 2020.

“Our data demonstrate that in the four keratinocyte [skin] cell types, three different expression patterns (downregulation, upregulation, and no effect) were observed, despite their exposure having been the same in all regards.” See also this string of six tweets.

July 12, 2020

“Absorption of 5G Radiation in Brain Tissue as a Function of Frequency, Power and Time,” IEEE Access, June 12 2020, updated July 2, 2020.

”We examine the beam penetration, absorption and thermal diffusion at representative 4G and 5G frequencies and show that the RF heating increases rapidly with frequency due to decreasing RF source wavelength and increasing power density with the same incident power and exposure time.”

August 1, 2019
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