A Report on Non-Ionizing Radiation

USAF Neuronal Activity

“Changes in the Excitability of Primary Hippocampal Neurons Following Exposure to 3.0 GHz RF EMFs,” Scientific Reports, March 3, 2022. The results show that RF-EMF exposure can alter neuronal activity after a 60-minute exposure to 3.0 GHz at a low dose (SAR <1 W/Kg). From the U.S. Air Force. Open access.

“In conclusion, our study does not provide sufficient evidence to support nor to refute RF-EMF non-thermal mechanism of interaction. However, the results described here are consistent with previous in vitro studies of influence of RF-EMF exposure on neuronal activity. Moreover, although our investigation of RF-EMF effects is on a simple cultured system, and thus cannot directly correlate to human level responses, the results appear to support the implication of changes of neuronal activity as a cellular mechanism that could potentially underlie RF-EMF mediated changes in cognitive function. Future studies need to compare changes from other conditions including, SAR dose–response, short, repetitive or long-term exposure duration, CW or pulsed signals, as well as verify the duration or recovery of the effects, as reversible electrophysiological changes can occur without adverse health effects.”